Leukemia is a result of an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells. Although it is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow, Leukemia is still a treatable disease. Whether you are a warrior, survivor, or a supporter, we are sure to have good reads for you. Let us all get involved!

Good news is, the survival rates have increased. We believe that these are due to the raised awareness about Leukemia and support for research and treatments for it. Now, WhatisLeukemia.com wants to do its part by bringing you the latest information and current news about Leukemia, especially on how to win the battle against it.

Leukemia can affect both the male and the female of any age. For inputs on signs and symptoms, causes, including diagnosis, treatment and prevention, just log on to WhatisLeukemia.com. We are actually in need of contributors and moderators for the site. Everyone interested is welcome to join us, especially those who either have Leukemia or have a family member with Leukemia.